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January Features from Internet 4 Classrooms

SAT and ACT Test Preparation

Free Online Practice Resources for ACT Tests and SAT Tests! I4C now offers free SAT and ACT vocabulary and math quizzes. Become a free member and log in as much as you'd like. Students can take practice tests on 5000 vocabulary words. or over 1000 math problems. Parents and Mentors can log in to monitor your scores - including seeing which vocabulary words they missed. Interactive quizzes allow the test taker to retake and study as much as they want.

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January Blog: Resolutions You Can Keep- Simple and helpful resolutions to make 2012 a successful beginning to your second half of the school year.


January 2012 Picks

Teacher Resources | Parent Resources | Technology Tips |

Happy New Year! 2012 has arrived. This month we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., the Chinese New Year, National Static Electricity Day, and World Literacy Day. Visit our monthly newsletter to see all the details. Below are just a few highlights.


Here are just a couple of the January events that you can celebrate this month.

  1. World Literacy Day (1/8) - Reading is the key to success. Check out our language arts resources page full of links to grammar, writing, reading, stories, and more. We also have reading help for our parents so you can continue to development student literacy skills at home.

  2. National Static Electricity Day (1/9) - Make a lemon battery. Learn about circuits and conductors. We have online electricity quizzes and interactives explaining how electricity works. Explore our Magnets section also within Elementary Science.

  3. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (1/16) - Did you know that more than 700 cities worldwide have streets named after Martin Luther King Jr.? Find MLK classroom resources and Martin Luther King lesson plans.

  4. Chinese New Year (1/23) - This Chinese New Year is the Year of the Dragon. Make your own dragon. Learn Chinese words and writing techniques. We have something for everyone.


  1. Celebrate National Literacy Day all month long with our Language SkillBuilders. Find the MAIN IDEA in these interactive online stories for 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade levels.

  2. Reinforce reading comprehension with these ONLINE STORIES by grade for 1st, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade levels.

  3. Practice CAUSE AND EFFECT online for 4th grade and 5th grade students.

  4. Find Elementary reading comprehension worksheets and stories and assessment test practice with these online reading comprehension quizzes.

  5. We also have Math SkillBuilders with INTERACTIVE CHARTS AND GRAPHS ACTIVITIES for 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade levels.

  6. Play games while learning how to COMPARE NUMBERS for 1st grade and 2nd grade.

  7. Discover the benefits of SMART boards and Whiteboards. I4C has a comprehensive list of Whiteboard and SMARTboard resources, lesson plans, and tutorials.

  8. Visit Teacher tools for all of your classroom needs.

  9. Go to our grade level help for lesson plans, activities, instructionals, and tools organized by grade and subject.


  1. Did you know we have a section on English as a Second Language? There are helpful tools for learning English and grammar.

  2. Explore calendars and time zones. We have world clocks, time zone information, online stop watches and timers, current local time charts, and more.

  3. Does your child have ADHD? I4C has a large section of ADHD resources on everything from classroom help, to handwriting and reading help, and behavioral tools.

  4. Take advantage of our handwriting help when the younger kids have some downtime. There are printable worksheets and tracing paper.

  5. Parent Zone - A comprehensive list of everything school related, including homework help, reading help, all subject areas, and educational games.


  1. Where Did My File Go? - Have you ever saved a document and then couldn't find it? Go to your Start Menu, and in the search window type in the name. It will pull up all related docs. Visit our Tech Tutorials page for more help.

  2. Print Preview Shortcut in Word - CTRL + ALT + I shows you what your document will look like once printed. Simply click on the "Close Preview" icon at the top right to go back to the original format. More Word shortcuts here.

  3. Are You Using Internet Explorer Effectively? - Make sure you are taking advantage of favorites and bookmarking. Do you know what long URLs can signify? Make heads or tails of Internet Explorer with our tech tutorials pages.

We also have other basic instruction in Microsoft Office, including Word 2007, Excel 2007, Powerpoint 2007.


  1. Resources for Educators - In this section you can find classroom resources for Exceptional Children, Smartboards, Character Education, Web 2.0 Resources and other topics.
  2. Resources for Parents - Parents can find resources
    on assisting their children with homework, time management, Internet Safety, subject area resources, grade level resources and more.



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