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2nd Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Graphs Charts, and Diagrams - CCSS 2.MD.D.9, 2.MD.D.10

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  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Bar Chart - Create your own bar graph using your data.
    2. Bar Graph as a Picture - Complete the graphing activity by using the bar graph shown to answer the questions.
    3. Bar Graph Interactive - Graph data sets in bar graphs using your own data or pre-set data.
    4. Coordinate Graphs - Determine the coordinates for each question.
    5. Dedicated Bar Graph Generator - Create and print colorful graphs with your own labels, values, and colors. Dedicated Pie Chart Generator || Dedicated Line Graph Generator
    6. Favorite Colors - Interpret the bar graph and answer each question. Also try Favorite Vegetables.
    7. Grapher - Interactive column graph maker. Students can change values and labels.
    8. Graphmaster - Students can create their own interactive bar graph, line graph, or pie charts inputting their own data. Each graph will also generate questions about the graph.
    9. How It All Stacks Up - Students interpret and compare information using a bar graph.
    10. Ice Cream Graphing - Construct a pie chart and bar graph based on specific ice cream orders.
    11. Interpret Venn Diagrams - Look at the Venn Diagram and answer each question.
    12. Interpreting Charts and Graphs - Three activities for students to practice finding information in a chart and/or graph.
    13. Interpreting the Bar Graph - Use the bar graph to answer the ten questions.
    14. Kids Have Pets - Learn about the parts of a bar graph and how to collect information.
    15. Kinds Of Graphs - Learn about various types of graphs.
    16. Make your own Pictogram - Use this interactive page to create your own pictograms.
    17. Number Line Diagram - Interactive number line.
    18. Pie Charts - Create your own pie chart.
    19. Play Ball - Collect data to put on a picture graph.
    20. Using a Line Plot - Use the line graph to answer each question.
    21. Variations of Y-Axis - Use the bar graph to look at varying y-axes and answer each question.
  2. Practice Tests and Quizzes
    1. Graph Quiz Generator - Make you own quizzes by selecting the number of questions, the level of difficulty, and the specific types of charts or graphs to include in the questions.
    2. Interpreting Data - Using graphs to tally and interpret data.
    3. Pictographs - Select from a variety of pictograph activities and answer the questions. User can even choose own values.
    4. Tally Chart Quiz - Use the tally chart to answer each question.

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