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2nd Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Graphs Charts, and Diagrams

Links verified on 3/13

  1. Exercises and Games
    1. Bar Chart - Create your own bar graph using your data.
    2. Bar Graph as a Picture - Complete the graphing activity by using the bar graph shown to answer the questions. [New as of 3/13]
    3. Bar Graph Interactive - Graph data sets in bar graphs using your own data or pre-set data. [New as of 3/13]
    4. Coordinate Graphs - Determine the coordinates for each question. [New as of 3/13]
    5. Dedicated Bar Graph Generator - Create and print colorful graphs with your own labels, values, and colors. Dedicated Pie Chart Generator || Dedicated Line Graph Generator [New as of 3/13]
    6. Favorite Colors - Interpret the bar graph and answer each question. Also try Favorite Vegetables. [New as of 3/13]
    7. Grapher - Interactive column graph maker. Students can change values and labels.
    8. Graphmaster - Students can create their own interactive bar graph, line graph, or pie charts inputting their own data. Each graph will also generate questions about the graph. [New as of 3/13]
    9. How It All Stacks Up - Students interpret and compare information using a bar graph.
    10. Ice Cream Graphing - Construct a pie chart and bar graph based on specific ice cream orders. [New as of 3/13]
    11. Interpret Venn Diagrams - Look at the Venn Diagram and answer each question. [New as of 3/13]
    12. Interpreting Charts and Graphs - Three activities for students to practice finding information in a chart and/or graph.
    13. Interpreting the Bar Graph - Use the bar graph to answer the ten questions. [New as of 3/13]
    14. Kids Have Pets - Learn about the parts of a bar graph and how to collect information.
    15. Kinds Of Graphs - Learn about various types of graphs.
    16. Make your own Pictogram - Use this interactive page to create your own pictograms.
    17. Number Line Diagram - Interactive number line.
    18. Pie Charts - Create your own pie chart.
    19. Play Ball - Collect data to put on a picture graph.
    20. Using a Line Plot - Use the line graph to answer each question. [New as of 3/13]
    21. Variations of Y-Axis - Use the bar graph to look at varying y-axes and answer each question. [New as of 3/13]
  2. Practice Tests and Quizzes
    1. Graph Quiz Generator - Make you own quizzes by selecting the number of questions, the level of difficulty, and the specific types of charts or graphs to include in the questions. [New as of 3/13]
    2. Interpreting Data - Using graphs to tally and interpret data. [New as of 3/13]
    3. Pictographs - Select from a variety of pictograph activities and answer the questions. User can even choose own values. [New as of 3/13]
    4. Tally Chart Quiz - Use the tally chart to answer each question. [New as of 3/13]



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