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4th Grade Interactive Language Arts Skill Builders


Cause and Effect - CCSS RL.4.3, RI.4.3

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  1. Cause and Effect - Combine two sentences using connecting words to show cause and effect.
  2. Cause and Effect - Fill in the missing statement to create a cause and effect.
  3. Cause and Effect - Read each sentence and decide if the words in bold are the cause or the effect. Write cause or effect on the line. Then underline the "signal" word or phrase.
  4. Cause and Effect Matching - Match the cause with the effect.
  5. Cause and Effect Mini Lessons - Practice pairing causes and effects with these activities.
  6. Determining Cause and Effect - Quia quiz. Select the best answer choice for the question.
  7. FCAT Cause and Effect - Provides an overview of cause and effect strategies and an activity to help identify cause and effect events.
  8. Quia - Cause and Effect - Find the matching squares by selecting the best answer that satisfies each situation.
  9. Quia - Cause and Effect - Moving from cause to effect; choose the answer that best fits the question.
  10. Quia - Cause and Effect - Moving from effect to cause; select the correct answer choice to the 5 questions.
  11. The Garden of Happiness - Recognize the cause and effect to help understand why characters act and feel as they do.
  12. What Caused it to Happen? - Determine the cause and effect in 5 stories about The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.

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