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3rd Grade Interactive Math Skill Builders


Data Analysis - CCSS 3.MD.B.3

Links verified on 12/23/2015

  1. All The Parts - ( 3-5 ) Students learn the parts of a graph.
  2. Bar Graph - Enter data to create a bar graph, then manipulate the graph's maximum and minimum values.
  3. Create your own Bar Graph - Using the data given, create your own chart.
  4. Create your own Line Plot - Using the data, create your own chart.
  5. Choosing a Graph - Online quiz with 10 questions. Select the type of graph that best fits the question.
  6. Circle Graph - Enter data categories and the value of each category to create a circle graph (similar to "Pie Chart" but the user can define the data set).
  7. Data Interpretation Games - Numerous activities on using and interpreting data (bar, pie and line graphs, data collecting and much more).
  8. Data Picking - Students collect data, enter tally marks or numbers and then select which graph is appropriate.
  9. Grapher - Interactive column graph maker, students can change values and labels.
  10. Graphing Data - Bugs in the System! - Drag the bugs into the correct column to create a graph.
  11. Graphing Ordered Pairs - Find the intersection of the coordinates given in this game.
  12. How It All Stacks Up - Interpret and compare information using a bar graph.
  13. Interpret Bar Graphs - Read the graph and answer the questions in this game.
  14. Interpreting Data - Survey a small group by clicking on each of the children, turn the tally marks into two types of graphs and then go back and take a different survey.
  15. Interpret Line Plots - Student answer questions on this quiz, reading the line plots.
  16. Kids Have Pets - Students learn about the parts of a bar graph and how to collect information.
  17. Kinds Of Graphs - Learn about various types of graphs. (Use in Internet Explorer)
  18. Overview of a Bar Graph by Nicole Carroll followed by a practice quiz [designed for grade 4]
  19. Overview of a Line Graph by Nicole Carroll followed by a practice quiz ; another quiz [designed for grade 4]
  20. Overview of a Pictograph by Nicole Carroll followed by a practice quiz [designed for grade 4]
  21. Pie Chart - View pie charts.
  22. Play Ball - Collect data to put on a picture graph. (Use in Internet Explorer)
  23. Probability Quiz - [Skillwise quiz] Entry 3 quiz
  24. Probability Quiz - [Skillwise quiz] Level 1 quiz
  25. Reading Pictographs - Answer the questions by using the data on the graph.
  26. What percentage has been shaded - Guess the percent of the shaded pie chart. (extremely difficult)

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