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2nd Grade Language Arts Skill Builders


Stories - CCSS RF.2.4, RL.2.10, RI.2.10

Links verified on 12/28/15

  1. Between the Lions - Many online stories with audio.
  2. Big Books - Read stories online and then answer questions.
  3. Children's Storybooks Online - Illustrated children's stories. Beware of the pop-ups!
  4. Fable Library - Online fables to read with audio.
  5. Merpy.com Stories - Animated stories to be read online.
  6. Online Stories - From Mountain View Elementary School. Listen to stories read to you.
  7. Online Stories and Resources for Kids - Online stories, some interactive.
  8. Online Practice Reading Tests - Pick your grade level and have students read articles and answer questions.
  9. Storyline Online - The Screen Actors Guild provides this online streaming video program of SAG members reading children's books aloud. Each book includes activities and lesson ideas.
  10. Story Time - From The Story Makers. Choose a story and read along as both video and audio tell the story.
  11. Topsy-Turvy Tales - Interactive stories with audio.
  12. The Reading Room - Read chapter book stories online.
  13. Welcome to Storytime - Choose characters, settings and actions to create your own stories.

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