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3rd Grade - Life Science Topics

3rd Grade Science Standards - Life Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0307.1.1 Magnify Plant Parts - Use a magnifier to investigate and describe the function of root hairs, stem cross sections, and leaf veins.
0307.1.2 Magnify Skin - Use a magnifier to investigate and describe the function of skin pores, hair follicles, finger nails, veins, and cuticles, etc.
0307.2.1 Living and Non-Living - Use a T-Chart to compare and contrast the characteristics of living and nonliving things
0307.2.2 Interrelationships - Label a drawing of an environment to illustrate interrelationships among plants and animals
0307.2.3 Interactions - Construct a diagram to demonstrate how plants, animals, and the environment interact to provide basic life requirements
0307.3.1 Food Web - Label a diagram to illustrate the food relationships that exist between plant and animals
0307.3.2 Food Chain - Create a chart to show how plants and animals satisfy their energy requirements
0307.3.3 Energy Requirements - Identify structures used by different plants and animals to meet their basic energy requirements
0307.3.4 Energy Flow - Use a piece of text to obtain basic information about how plants and animals obtain food
0307.4.1 Life Cycle - Sequence diagrams that illustrate various stages in the development of an organism
0307.4.2 Timeline of Life - Create a timeline to depict the changes that occur during an organism's life cycle
0307.4.3 Stages of Life - Differentiate among the stages in the life cycle of a butterfly, mealworm, frog, and plant
0307.4.4 Parent and Offspring - Draw conclusions about the similarities and differences between parents and their offspring
0307.4.5 Inherited Traits - Make a list of human characteristics that are transmitted from parents to their offspring
0307.5.1 Survival - Create representations of animals that have characteristics necessary to survive in a particular environment
0307.5.2 Survive in Environment - Investigate the connection between an organism's characteristics and its ability to survive in a specific environment
0307.5.3 Change in Environment - Describe how environmental factors change over place and time
0307.5.4 Environmental Variable - Determine how changes in an environmental variable can affect plants and animals of an area
0307.5.5 Diorama - Construct a diorama that shows plants and animals in an appropriate environment
0307.5.6 Fossil - Identify evidence used to determine the previous existence of an organism
0307.5.7 Extinction - Use a data chart or informational text to classify organisms as thriving, threatened, endangered, or extinct

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0307.1.1 Plant Parts - Identify specific parts of a plant and describe their function.
SPI 0307.2.1 Living or Non-Living - Distinguish between living and non-living things.
SPI 0307.2.2 Competition for Resources - Determine how plants and animals compete for resources such as food, space, water, air, and shelter.
SPI 0307.3.1 Basic Needs - Identify the basic needs of plants and animals
SPI 0307.3.2 Food Relationship - Recognize that animals obtain their food by eating plants and other animals
SPI 0307.4.1 Organism Changes - Select an illustration that shows how an organism changes as it develops
SPI 0307.4.2 Characteristics - Distinguish between characteristics that are transmitted from parents to offspring and those that are not
SPI 0307.5.1 Adaptation - investigate an organism's characteristics and evaluate how these features enable it to survive in a particular environment
SPI 0307.5.2 Endangered Populations - Investigate populations of different organisms and classify them as thriving, threatened, endangered, or extinct
SPI 0307.5.3 Fossil Evidence - Match the organism with evidence of its prior existence



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