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Financial Literacy: All About Money

All About Money

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Biz Kid$ is a fun public television show that teaches school-aged kids about money and business. The series shows how to use credit wisely and illustrates the importance of saving, budgeting, investing and giving back to the community. The Kids Section of the site has interactive activities for children to explore including calculators, savings games, how to start a business and much more!

Check out Factmonster's Math and Money!

Grade Activities | Income Taxes | Make a Piggy Bank | Allowances and Budgeting


Grade Level Money Activities K - 5

  1. Kindergarten - Counting Coins | Beginning Money Lesson
  2. 1st Grade - Counting Coins Part 1 | Counting Coins Part 2
  3. 2nd Grade - Counting Coins and Dollars | Counting Coins
  4. 3rd Grade - Money Transactions | Working With Money and Decimals
  5. 4th Grade - Working with Money and Decimals | Money and Time
  6. 5th Grade - Consumer Math
  7. Economics for Elementary, Middle and High School
  8. A Kid's Guide to Money and Currency - This page contains a number of helpful links and information about currency and money.
  9. History of American Money - from 1690 to 2010 [Thanks to Jess and Denise]

Income Taxes

  1. How to Fill out Income Tax Forms: Using actual tax forms, students can learn how to accurately figure their own income taxes, and read and fill out the proper forms.
  2. Understanding Taxes from IRS.gov, which includes a Student site and a Teacher site. This information is designed for high school and community college classrooms.

Start Saving: Make Your own Piggy Bank - Craft Projects for Home or School

  1. Piggy Bank: Paper Mache, requiring time and supervision to build all of the layers. Great multi step project.
  2. Recycled Piggy Bank: Turn a 2-liter bottle into the cutest economic recovery package you'll ever see. We loved this one!

Allowances and Budgeting

  1. Creating a Budget - This lesson explains what a budget is and familiarizes students with the process of creating a budget. 
  2. Children's Allowance Worksheet
  3. Allowance Solutions for Busy Families - An allowance is a great way to encourage young family members to become more helpful, responsible, and money savvy. However, making an allowance plan work can be a challenge. This article will help. 
  4. Money Saving Skills for Kids - When children learn at an early age to save and spend money wisely, they are likely to do the same as adults. Here are ideas to help teach kids the skills of saving and budgeting money. 
  5. Children's Budget Worksheet
  6. What Experts Say About Allowances for Children 
  7. Money Lesson Plans
  8. Allowances for Children - Research-based information, resources, and tips for families, consumers, and educators; provided by the faculty of the University of Florida/IFAS Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences. 



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