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Tips for Students Doing Homework During Distant Learning

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Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, many schools all over the world were forced to close down. But could this have prevented the students from learning? No. The parties in charge, parents, and teachers had to look for a solution, which ended in students studying remotely.

Though the venture came with some unplanned expenses, it has proven to help some students. A recent report by the World Bank indicates that remote learning is increasingly expanding globally due to COVID-19. In this article, you shall learn ways any child up to the 7th-grade level can do homework while studying remotely.

Most students are just getting used to studying remotely, and the idea of learning without their teachers and classmates being physically around may take time to get used to. In such a scenario, a child undertaking long-distance learning may find homework boring and unbearable. But through the following methods, your remote learning kid will do his or her homework effectively.

1. A Groovy Timer

It's not easy for children to get back to their old routine while studying remotely. It is, therefore, essential as a parent to have a fixed schedule for your child. Ensure your child has enough breaks and time to rest after every lesson. Let him or her start doing homework after enough rest. The whole scenario may seem both confusing and boring because it's happening at home. To counter this, make it fun by putting a funky timer in your kid's study room.

Ensure the learning space is quiet and free from any distractions. Then let your child know that the timer will remind him or her of homework time. Try to get a timer that will interest your student.. For example, get a timer with their favorite color, sleek design, and funky noise. Immediately the kid hears the bell, he or she will run to do homework. You may find them setting the timer themselves!

2. Be Present While Doing Homework

Kids still get carried away by their favorite games or TV shows. When homework time pars with time for their favorite activities or shows, they may feel bad and not concentrate, especially when the other kids are free. The best way such a kid can do their remote homework is by the parent being present. Ensure you work together with the kid and try to help him or her out. Such attention will make them feel wanted and loved and motivate them to do their homework.

You will also recognize your child's weak points where you can seek professional services such as custom writing to help your kid. If the child is good on his or her own and doesn't need your help, sit next to them and do your things while they do their homework.

3. Offering Productive and Beneficial Rewards

It's a no-brainer; you will require to go the extra mile to motivate a small kid studying remotely. Giving gifts or rewards might not be ideal for all situations, but it will go a long way in motivating your kid to finish the homework on time and do it correctly. Try rewarding them with things they love but beneficial in their learning. For example, a nice set of stationery in a beautiful pouch if all homework for the week got done on time and the scores were high. This method works like magic! You can even decide to take them on a fun but educational trip.

4. Yummy Snacks

Who doesn't love snacks? Kids go crazy for yummy and crunchy snacks. If you want your kids to perfectly do their homework, offering tasty snacks will do the trick. Before homework time, give them little to taste and promise to provide the rest after completing homework. These yummy treats help brighten the kids and motivate them to finish a task to enjoy some more. The snacks could be anything from fruits, smoothies, home-baked brownies, fruit salads, cupcakes, or pretzels.

5. Be Creative

Sometimes sitting down like a statue writing and reading may be boring to children. Try to become innovative by creating ways to make the homework session lively. For example, you can use drawings to illustrate a point or even act it out. Your child will have fun and, at the same time, learn. Such memories never escape from their minds quickly.

You may need to get more creative with the preschoolers. The use of numbers, finger painting, poems, toys, and letters could work wonders. Some kids find it hard to stay still. In such cases, use bands, fidget toys, or exercise balls to make them focus.


Children get carried away easily. It's also not easy to adapt to a new environment, making remote learning tricky for most of them. But with the methods described above, they can both study and do their homework effectively. As a parent, you need to ensure your child has a secure, quiet, and comfortable place for learning and doing their homework.

Author bio:
Jonathan Brown is a part-time teacher and a custom writing professional. He enjoys doing research and teaching young students. He breaks down complex concepts into simple lessons they can easily understand and remember better.



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