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April Features from Internet 4 Classrooms

Spring/April 2010 Featured Picks

Our Picks for Spring/April 2010 include a variety of topical areas of interest to teachers, parents and students. To suggest a topic for May 2010, be sure to email us at the address below. We are dedicated to finding you the best of the web to fit your individual needs.

April Commemorations:

  1. Early Childhood, Exceptional and Special Needs Children

    1. Autism Awareness Month - Resources for Children, Teachers and Parents related to Autistic Spectrum Disorder
    2. Deaf History Month - Assistive Technologies and other resources for the Hearing Impaired. Also, activities to support Speech Therapy
    3. Month of the Young Child - Celebrate our young children by using our Preschool Resources for Parents, Teachers including activities to develop mouse skills, alphabet, listening discrimination, arts & crafts projects and more!
  2. Earth, Ecology, and Nature

    - find resources for Earth Day (April 22), Arbor Day (April 30), Keeping your Home and Classrooms Green, the Planets, Animal Habitats and much more!
    1. National Garden Month
    2. Keep America Beautiful Month - Visit our Grade Level Help section to view Science Activities and Lessons for Grades K-8 for Recycling
    3. World Habitat Awareness Month
  3. Mathematics and Money

    1. U.S. Income Taxes are due on April 15 and coincidentally, April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month. Here are many Activities to Learn About Money. Why do we pay taxes? When is new money issued? What currencies are used around the world? Why should we save money? These activities for Grades K-12 will help children to learn about counting money and economics at the appropriate grade level. Parents and teachers can also find helpful resources for determining allowances, teaching and performing budgeting, economics and more!
    2. Mathematics Education Month -Printable Math Worksheets - These printable math worksheets are great for practice in the class or at home. There are blank and customizable templates for Numbers and Operations, Algebra, Geometry and more. Suitable for Grades K-12. Also, check out additional interactive practice on special math topics, such as: Numbers & Operations | Measurement | Geometry & Spatial Sense | Data Analysis, Probability & Algebra.
  4. Poetry and Literature

    1. National Poetry Month - Find resources for Elementary Reading and Writing and Middle/High School Language Arts. Includes interactive activities, lesson plans and a "Poem a Day". A fun activity is to celebrate William Shakespeare's birthday on April 23.
    2. Library Media Month - Resources for Libraries and Media Specialists including Presidential Libraries, virtual libraries, quizzes, lesson plans, and online museums.
  5. History

    1. Holocaust Remembrance Day is April 11. There are many ways to observe Holocaust Remembrance Month - Many activities for all grade levels, including webquests, Diary of Anne Frank, links to Memorial Sites and more. Strong Caution: Before using this material with any age, preview thoroughly. Be sure you know what educational objectives you plan to accomplish.
    2. Learning activities for American History - Revolutionary War/ Paul Revere Day / Patriot's Day is April 18.
  6. Click here for a April printable calendar for use in the classroom or home from Teachervision.com.

Featured Resources at Internet4Classrooms.com:

  1. ADD / ADHD Resources

    Resources for families and teachers. Information includes reading help, handwriting help, behavioral resources, classroom strategies and much more!
  2. Just for Parents

    Internet4Classrooms has a special section just for parents with information and resources for homework help, safe and fun websites for children and other internet resources. This section is growing daily, so keep checking for new sites and feel free to let us know if there are any free sites or great blogs that you find interesting and helpful.
  3. Testing Resources, by Grade Level

    Now is the time when we are all preparing our students for testing. Many teachers over the years have requested that we organize our Assessment Assistance section by Grade Level. Be sure to check out our Released Tests to Print, which is organized by Grade and our Interactive Practice, which is also organized by Grade. We now have all of these resources for you in this new format that we feel will help you find what you need quickly for each Grade 1-12 Subject Area, as you prepare your students for upcoming testing. It is never too early to start planning! If you find that students need extra help in any area, be sure to view our Skillbuilders and Standards Practice Areas, which are also organized by grade level for additional practice.
  4. Science Fair

    Parents, do those two words strike fear in your heart? Need help choosing a project? We are here to help. Browse our many resources for all grade levels for parents, students and teachers. We've pulled the best science fair resources into one place so you don't need to go searching on your own.
  5. Did you know that Internet4Classrooms has online technology tutorials? If you need some instruction in Microsoft Office, including Word 2007, Excel 2007, Powerpoint 2007, you've come to the right place. We also have developed extensive resources for Macintosh and Windows troubleshooting and keyboard shortcuts (Mac) (Windows). Browse this section to find resources, such as Creating Graphic Organizers in Excel, Making a Game Template in Powerpoint and much more!

  6. Calendar: Holidays & Observances:

    • April 2 - World Autism Awareness Day
    • April 2 - Good Friday
    • April 11 - Holocaust Remembrance Day
    • April 15 - Income Taxes Due Day (U.S.)
    • April 18 - Paul Revere/Patriot's Day (U.S.)
    • April 19-25 - National TV Turnoff Week
    • April 22 - Earth Day
    • April 23 - William Shakespeare's Birthday
    • April 30 - Arbor Day



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