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Excel Graphic Organizer Tutorials


Graphic Organizers with Excel

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  1. Create a concept map using Excel - Read how to make just about any type of graphic organizer using Excel.
  2. Make a Coordinate Plane - You can make one quadrant, or all four, and then use the plane with an interactive whiteboard or other projection device.
  3. Make a Hundreds chart - Make a hundreds chart the quick and easy way making use of Excel's fill down capability.
  4. Make a Number Line - Learn how to make a number line for use with an interactive whiteboard or other projection devices.
  5. Make a Ten Frame - Learn how to customize your own ten frame for use with an interactive whiteboard or other projection devices.
  6. Make a Time Line - See suggestions on how to make a timeline that looks just like the TCAP format.
  7. Make a Venn Diagram - This module presents tips on making, and using, Venn diagrams in your classroom.
  8. Make a Web - Learn how to make webs just like those on the TCAP or other end of year assessment.

Interactive: Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 command reference guide

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