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June Features from Internet 4 Classrooms

June Features from Internet 4 Classrooms

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June brings Black Music Month, Child Vision Awareness Month, Flag Day, Father's Day, the First Day of Summer, and much more. Visit our monthly newsletter to see all the details.

June Blog: Summer Fun and Learning Activities for Kids

Summer Fun and Learning Activities for Kids

This month's blog is Summer Fun and Learning Activities for Kids.

The greatest thing about learning during the summer is that you don't have to teach anything. Just benefit from long days and favorable weather and do fun stuff together!

Even if your child's schedule is busy during the school year and he or she attends all possible extracurriculars, there is still a chance that some interest is left out. The best way to find out is to ask them what they would like to do.

Guest Blogger Jeanna Bray is an educator, a parent, and a writer based in Seattle. She believes in life-long learning and that curiosity saved a cat. She also collaborates with online projects that promote education and literacy.

App of the Month

Every month we are going to feature a different, and hopefully FREE, iPad/iPod/iPhone/Android educational application. Visit our ever-changing app page.

The App of the Month for June is Classtree by Bytters Pte Ltd ( iOS and Android ).

Safe and easy way to deal with parents. Save 2 hours a day from manually sorting and filtering paper forms.

Three easy steps

  1. Just grab the form from Dropbox, gallery or camera

  2. Drop an e-Sign link

  3. Share.

Classtree is a secure, and private communication channel which manages e-signature, consents, real-time reporting, event reminders and photo sharing. No more missed permission slips and consent forms.


  • Send a unique class code to parents or invite them by uploading a list

  • Pull your consent forms from Dropbox and send to parents to sign

  • Send a unique link to a group to sign on the web


  • Add an optional question to your consent form

  • Quick and urgent queries? Use Tick / Cross to get feedback from parents in minutes.

  • Allow / disallow comments from parents on your post


  • Generate a unique web link to view the consent responses.

  • Share the link with administrators to download signatures.

  • View the report on the mobile

Photo sharing

  • Take a photo from gallery or camera and share with parents.

  • Receive likes

  • Attach multiple photos


  • Add other teachers to your class

  • Grant them permission to post

  • Post messages to parents individually

  • Parents will never see each others activity

  • Close post any time to stop responses

  • Remove a post

  • Make a class private / open

Classtree is available for Apple and Android devices.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later on Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and Android version 4.0.3 and up on your Android device.


Here are some of the June events that you can celebrate or make note of this month:

  1. Black Music Month

    Celebrate music and influential African American musicians, from jazz musicians to singers and songwriters.

  2. Child Vision Awareness Month

    Did you know that 25 percent of school-aged children have vision problems? Make sure to get your child's eyes checked before starting school this fall. Here are some great tips and resources for parents. If your child does have vision problems, I4C also has resources for the visually impaired.

  3. World Environment Day (6/5)

    Protect nature and the Earth not only today but every day! Find out about how human activities affect the environment. Learn about conserving resources. Here are some great activities about recycling you can do in the classroom and at home.

  4. Flag Day (6/14)

    Did you know that we celebrate Flag Day today because on this day in 1777, the Continental Congress adopted our national flag? Find history about the U.S. flag, lesson plans, crafts, and more on our Flag Day page.

  5. First Day of Summer (6/20)

    Happy Summer Solstice! Find out what causes the change of seasons. You can find fun and educational summer activities here.

  6. Father's Day (6/21)

    Did you know that Father's Day wasn't an official holiday until 1966? Honor all the fathers in your life today with Father's Day crafts, printables, recipes, and celebration ideas.


Internet4Classrooms now offers Online Practice and Interactives, covering Kindergarten to Eighth Grade Common Core Mathematics. Look for a rapidly growing variety of thousands of practice quizzes tied to the Common Core State Standards, School Subjects, Activities, and Holidays.

Check out our Online Practice Quizzes. More grades and subjects coming soon.

New Online Practice Quizzes Made Available in June

We have released many new online quizzes during the last months supporting the Common Core Standards.

Try them out, and then use them with your students as:

  • Bell Ringers,
  • In Class Assignments,
  • Homework or
  • Extra Credit.

Here is a list of the newest quizzes by grade.


Internet4Classrooms offers Printables, covering Kindergarten to Sixth Grade Mathematics. Look for a rapidly growing variety of thousands of practice worksheets tied to the Common Core State Standards, School Subjects, Activities, and Holidays.

Check out our Common Core Printables. More grades and subjects coming soon.

New Printables Worksheets Made Available in June

We have released thousands of new printables worksheets during the last months supporting the Common Core Standards.

Try them out, and then use them with your students as:

  • Bell Ringers,
  • In Class Assignments,
  • Homework or
  • Extra Credit.

Here is a list of the newest worksheet sets by grade.

    New- Answer Keys

      New Worksheet Answer Keys Made Available in June

      We have released thousands of new answer keys for our printables worksheets during the last months supporting the Common Core Standards.

      Remember that you can sign up for answer key access here: https://i4c.xyz/n89msyv.

      Here is a list of the newest answer key sets by grade.


      1. Many historical events happened this month which you can cover in your classroom. Check outI4C's History page for lesson plans, videos, activities, and other resources to supplement your lessons!

      2. Use your summer vacation for professional development! Find out more about workshops, seminar series, online courses, and technology based learning concepts.

      3. Spend this summer doing some summer reading of your own. Get inspired with this book list or focus on professional development with this list.

      4. Take the time this summer to prep for next year. A great way to do that is to get acquainted with technology you can use in your classroom. Try these great iPad apps that can benefit you in the classroom. Also, learn how social media can be used to your advantage.

      5. Do you know CPR? Here is a list of places that hold classes, recertification and even online CPR courses and certification.

      6. Be sure to check out I4C's collection of free educational iPhone and iPad apps.

      7. Remember to visit our Teacher Tools section. This home page contains all the topics you need to use during the school year.

      8. Go to our grade level help for lesson plans, activities, instructionals, and tools organized by grade and subject.


      1. Don't let your kids stay idle this summer. I4C has great educational activities and tons of ideas on how to have fun this summer.

      2. Celebrate Father's Day with some great activities and crafts you can do at home! Visit our Father's Day resource page to find out more.

      3. Keep your kids reading this summer! Make it fun for them by doing a reading challenge, joining a summer reading book club, or participating in events at your local library. Find book lists, printables, parent resources, and more here.

      4. Summer is a great time to visit museums! Search for museums in your area or even visit a museum from home!

      5. Be sure to check out I4C's collection of free educational iPhone and iPad apps for you and your child.

      6. You can always visit our Parent Resources page to get grade level practice sites, find online sources, and information pertaining to homework, special needs, reading help, and more.

      7. Don't forget our Technology Tutorial section in case you need refresher courses in your computer skills.


      1. The 17 Best Education Podcasts for Teachers 2020:
        Paul Stevens-Fulbrook shares a list of seventeen of the best podcasts for teachers out there at the moment. Spending some time listening to these podcasts can fit easily into your busy life and allow you to pick the professional development that you need. They are there when you need them and they cover the most current teaching strategies.

        Learn more in the article found: HERE

      2. How to Structure Learning Stations Online:
        While learning stations are most magical in the brick-and-mortar classroom, they can be facilitated during remote learning with a few adjustments. You might not be able to replicate the human-to-human collaboration or kinesthetic learning, but you can still use learning stations as a way to scaffold and “chunk” content/skills into manageable, engaging parts. Thankfully, technology like Google Docs, Slides, Forms, and Classroom make organizing learning stations easy.

        Learn more by visiting: HERE.

      3. Drag-and-Drop Google Slides:
        Jan Parker writes: "As an ed tech coach, I often get asked about how to create a document that students can type in without messing up the information the teacher has created. For instance, in a fill-in-the-blank plus word bank style exit ticket. Or, a graphic organizer that won’t get messed up when students try to add content. There are several products that can accomplish this, but by far my favorite because of its simplicity is google slides."

        You can find out more: HERE.

      We also have other basic instruction in Microsoft Office, including Word 2007, Excel 2007, Powerpoint 2007.


      1. Resources for Educators - In this section you can find classroom resources for Exceptional Children, Smartboards, Character Education, Web 2.0 Resources and other topics.
      2. Resources for Parents - Parents can find resources
        on assisting their children with homework, time management, Internet Safety, subject area resources, grade level resources and more.

      Common Core State Standards at I4C

      Our Common Core State Standards are full of resources for every individual standard. Students can take control of their own learning by clicking on the page with the standard number, and choosing their own resource to practice that skill.

      Check out our Common Core Math High School Algebra Standards, Common Core Math Standards, and Common Core ELA Standards.

      SAT and ACT Test Preparation

      Free Online Practice Resources for ACT Tests and SAT Tests. I4C now offers free SAT and ACT vocabulary and math quizzes. Join our SAT and ACT Test Preparation program and log in as much as you'd like. Students can take practice tests on 5000 vocabulary words or over 1000 math problems. Parents and Mentors can log in to monitor your scores - including seeing which vocabulary words that were missed. Interactive quizzes allow the test taker to retake and study as much as they want.

      Sign Up Here for ACT Test & SAT Test Preparation.



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