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6th Grade - Mathematical Processes

6th Grade Math Standards - Mathematical Processes

Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)


Calculator - Recognize different conventions used in calculator and computer spreadsheets (e.g., * for multiplication, ^ for exponent), but use mathematical notation in written work.

0606.1.2 Estimate - Recognize when an estimate is more appropriate than an exact answer in a variety of problem situations.
0606.1.3 Rounding - Recognize errors generated by rounding.
0606.1.4 Variables - Describe how changes in one quantity or variable result in changes in another.
0606.1.5 Equivalent - Illustrate properties of operations by showing that two expressions are equivalent in a given context (e.g., using an area model for distributive property, and grouping/set models for commutative and associative properties).
0606.1.6 Experiments - Model situations by devising and carrying out experiments and simulations.
0606.1.7 Real World - Formulate questions, design studies, and collect real world data.
0606.1.8 Hypothesis - Determine an appropriate sample to test an hypothesis.
0606.1.9 Books - Use age-appropriate books, stories, and videos to convey ideas of mathematics.
0606.1.10 Triangles - Use various methods (such as dynamic geometry software) to explore properties of triangles and quadrilaterals.
0606.1.11 Modeling - Model algebraic expressions with manipulatives, technology, and pencil and paper.

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0606.1.1 Predictions - Make conjectures and predictions based on data.
SPI 0606.1.2 Estimates - Judge the reasonableness of the results of rational number estimates and/or computations.
SPI 0606.1.3 Integers - Use concrete, pictorial, and symbolic representation for integers.
SPI 0606.1.4 Properties - Select the representation that models one of the arithmetic properties (commutative, associative, or distributive).
SPI 0606.1.5 Tiles - Model algebraic expressions using algebra tiles.



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