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Excel Advanced Technology Tutorials


Advanced Excel Topics

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  1. Create an interactive crossword puzzle - Use the conditional format feature of excel so your puzzles can immediately show correct (or incorrect) answers.
  2. Creating and Designing Single Use Spreadsheets - This is a lesson on making a spreadsheet designed to perform a single function; temperature conversion for example.
  3. Inserting an Image into the Background of an Excel Worksheet - This process would work well for setting up review worksheets to use on an interactive whiteboard.
  4. Make a Review Quiz using Drop-down menus and Conditional Formatting - This module explains how to make a type of quiz that will tell students if their answers are right or wrong.
  5. Make a Custom List - You can tell Excel what information to fill down; the example used is a list of your students.
  6. Recording a simple macro - If you have to do a set of repetitive steps, this module shows how Excel can be set to perform the task automatically using a macro.
  7. Transposing Rows and Columns in an Excel Workbook - Rather than starting all over entering data, Excel can switch the rows and columns for you.
  8. Use Excel to Import Data from the Internet - Sure you can write the numbers on paper and then manually enter them into the worksheet, but Excel can automatically import data for you.
  9. Using Conditional Formatting - This is an example of "if then" formatting; if the answer is right then display it colored green, for example.
  10. Using Excel as a grade book - This grade book shows how Excel can be used to handle weighted grades.
  11. Use Excel to Write a Branching Story - Stories that give students the chance to select what happens next can easily be contained on worksheets of one workbook. This module explains how to set up worksheets for text input and how to make hyperlinks for where to go next.
  12. Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Excel PC/Windows version - Don't reach for the mouse, some things can be done quicker with keyboard shortcuts.
  13. Using Mail Merge - Learn how to use Word and Excel to create a form letter which can then fill in information specific to each of your students.
  14. Using Mail Merge - [Office 2003] - Learn how to use Word and Excel to create a form letter which can then fill in information specific to each of your students.
  15. Writing Mad-Libs with Excel - Learn how to have a little classroom fun and practice parts of speech at the same time.

Interactive: Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 command reference guide

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