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December Features from Internet 4 Classrooms

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December Blog: - Make the most of your Winter break.


December 2012 Picks

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December brings Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and more. Visit our monthly newsletter to see all the details. Below are just a few highlights.


Here are just a couple of the December events that you can celebrate this month.

  1. Hanukkah (Dec 8)- Learn the story of Hanukkah, watch an online menorah burn all 8 days, and find other great activities kids can do at home.

  2. National Cocoa Day (Dec 14)- We already know chocolate is delicious, but did you know it also makes for great lesson plan topics? Find activities, poems, candy games, and more. We also have Charlie and the Chocolate Factory reading and vocabulary lessons.

  3. First Day of Winter (Dec 21)- Cold weather is upon us! And winter is a great way to dive into science topics. Do you know what causes the seasons ? What do animals do in the winter? We have resources on migration, hibernation, and adaptation. Explore the survival aspects of specific environments too . Scroll down this page to the bottom to find winter-themed math worksheets.

  4. Christmas (Dec 25)- Who needs stamps when you can EMAIL Santa Claus! We have a super fun Christmas page filled with activities, Santa trackers, recipes, crafts, and even an online Elf school.

  5. Kwanzaa (Dec 26-Jan1) - Kwanzaa is filled with meanings and customs rooted in African culture. Originally signifying a harvest celebration, Kwanzaa has become a communal holiday by reinforcing strong ties and and a feeling of "oneness" during this week-long celebration. Enjoy our Kwanzaa page containing definitions, customs, activities, reading passages, and recipes that make this holiday special.


  1. Check out our Holiday Resources page to find fun Thanksgiving activities, in addition to other celebrations, including Christmas. It will be here before we know it!

  2. Are you using our Site Map? Don't forget it's an easy and quick way to search alphabetically by topic.

  3. Want to make sure your class takes home extra help with math? We have online games for every topic from fractions to graphs, money, place value, and measurement. Find it by grade here.

  4. We've got online English games for Language Arts subjects too. Contractions, sentence structure, capitalization and punctuation, reading comprehension, and phones to name a few.

  5. Looking for lesson plans to bring in the new year? We have a whole page dedicated to lesson plans by grades and subjects.


  1. While the kids are at home, have them practice their reading while feeling like they're playing computer games. Our SkillBuilders Language section has online stories, organized by grade.

  2. Make your own worksheets - scroll to the bottom of our teacher tools page. It's a great way to keep the daily lessons fresh in their minds. If you're feeling adventurous we also have crosswords and puzzles you can customize too.

  3. Reinforce great school habits by creating fun awards to hand out at home. This page has a ton of sites that help you create any type of award you can think of!

  4. Get the kids dancing at home with our music resources page. Super fun on a cold winter day.


  1. Apps for Exceptional Children: I4C has assistive technology resources, including Apps for Exceptional Children.

  2. Give Parents Access to Assignments: Don't forget about Blogging. You can create your own classroom web page so that your students will never be able to use the excuse they didn't know the assignment!

  3. Make Your Own Cards:You don't necessarily need to spend money on Holiday Cards. There are free online e-cards. You can also make cards using Word, with changing up your fonts and adding graphics. Be creative. Crayons and paper never hurt either! Word Tutorials.

We also have other basic instruction in Microsoft Office, including Word 2007, Excel 2007, Powerpoint 2007.


  1. Resources for Educators - In this section you can find classroom resources for Exceptional Children, Smartboards, Character Education, Web 2.0 Resources and other topics.
  2. Resources for Parents - Parents can find resources
    on assisting their children with homework, time management, Internet Safety, subject area resources, grade level resources and more.



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