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Hanukkah Resources

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The Hanukkah Story

A more complete story of the origin of Chanukah including the words to important songs and blessings associated with Chanukah.

The heroism of Judah the Maccabee is important to Hanukkah. Read about the meaning of his name.

Chanukah is an enchanting holiday , and when you know the background to the events it becomes more meaningful. For intermediate and middle school.

The Jewish Outreach Institute tells the story of Hanukkah with sections on blessings, history, traditions, and activities.

Chanukah - holiday guide with stories to listen to and insights to share

A How-To guide - Lighting instructions, the blessings, recipes plus an index with over 30 links to these topics: Chanukah basics, true stories, heroic women, menorah data, spiritual growth, and Maccabee battles.

Games, Art, Recipes, and Songs

Hanukkah Spin the Dreidel! Learn and play the game of Dreidel

HanuKat and the Dreidel - HanuKat's goal is to celebrate Hanukkah with the young and the young-at-heart. The story of HanuKat and his friends is brought to you every night of Hanukkah -- read one chapter each night.

Billy Bear's Playground - Many ideas and activities related to Hanukkah.

Chanukah topics for kids to print and color.

Fun and games for Torah Tots . Can you solve the code to find out the difference between an American dreidel and an Israeli dreidel?

Chanukah Songs - many to listen to from

Do you want to send an electronic Hanukkah card?

Potato latkes, cheese-filled sufganiyot, applesauce cookies and more delightful Chanukah recipes .

Make a beautiful, stylized, and intricate Star of David card from paper. This project makes a great Hanukkah card.

Chanukah Videos - Stories, songs and more from

The Night Before Hanukkah - "A Visit from Judah Maccabee"



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