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1st Grade - Math Processes

First Grade Number and Operations

Links verified 1/2/2015

To work on first grade mathematics standards, click on the numbers below to visit pages with internet resources for each of the learning standards listed.

0106.2.1 Read Write Numbers - Read and write numerals up to 100.
0106.2.2 Number Words - Write numbers up to 10 in words.
0106.2.3 Count Up and Down - Count forward and backward by ones beginning with any number less than 100
0106.2.4 Skip Count - Skip count by twos, fives, and tens.
0106.2.5 Compare Numbers - Order and compare (less than, greater than, or equal to) whole numbers to 100.
0106.2.6 Place Value - Recognize the place value of numbers (tens, ones).
0106.2.7 Add Subtract - Develop fluency with addition and subtraction facts of sums through ten.
0106.2.8 Counting Back - Relate counting on and counting back to addition and subtraction and understand them as inverse operations.
0106.2.9 Add Three Numbers - Add three single-digit numbers.
0106.2.10 Use Models - Use models (such as discrete objects, connecting cubes, and number lines) to represent part-whole, adding to, taking away from, and comparing to situations to develop understanding of the meaning of addition and subtraction.
0106.2.11 Basic Fractions - Recognize the part-whole relationship in representations of basic fractions such as 1/2 and 1/4.
0106.2.12 Models for Adding - Use various models to develop strategies for solving arithmetic problems.
0106.2.13 Add Subtract 100 - Solve problems that require addition and subtraction of numbers through 100.
0106.2.14 Compose Decompose - Use composition and decomposition of numbers to identify and discuss patterns.
0106.2.15 Groups Tens Ones - Represent whole numbers between 10 and 100 in groups of tens and ones.
0106.2.16 Number Line - Represent whole numbers up to 100 on a number line.
0106.2.17 Use Number Line - Use the number line to create visual representations of sequences (such as even numbers, tens, multiples of five).



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