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1st Grade - Language Standards

1st Grade Language Standards

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0101.1.1 Parts of Speech - Identify and use adjectives (i.e., descriptive), nouns (i.e., singular and plural, possessive), pronouns (i.e., substitution for nouns), and verbs (i.e., tense, subject-verb agreement) correctly.


Capital Letters - Use capital letters correctly (i.e., in the first word of a sentence, first and last names, pronoun I, proper nouns).


End Punctuation - Identify and use correct punctuation at the end of declarative sentences and questions.


Contractions - Form contractions using apostrophes.


Homophones - Understand that some words sound the same but are spelled differently and mean different things (homophones-flower/flour).
0101.1.6 Sentences - Understand that groups of words make sentences.
0101.1.7 Word Order - Understand that word order determines the meaning of a sentence.
0101.1.8 Complete Sentences - Identify and write complete sentences correctly.
0101.1.9 Phonetic Knowledge - Spell simple words using developing phonetic knowledge, sounds of the alphabet, and simple consonant/vowel patterns.
0101.1.10 Vocabulary Growth - Show evidence of expanding language through vocabulary growth.
0101.1.11 Phonemic Awareness - Maintain phonemic awareness.
0101.1.12 Phonics Generalizations - Apply phonics generalizations in order to decode words.



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