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Economics Topics - First 1st Grade Social Studies

1st Grade Social Studies Standards - Economics

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1.2.1a Salary - Recognize that workers who provide services earn money to meet needs and wants.
1.2.1b Advertise - Recognize that people advertise goods and services through different forms of communication.
1.2.1c Exchange Goods - Identify how people exchange goods and services.
1.2.1d Job Requirements - Describe the requirements of various jobs and the characteristics of a job well performed.
1.2.1e Specialized Jobs - Describe how specialized jobs contribute to the production of goods and services.
1.2.2a Worldwide Exchange - Recognize that goods and services are exchanged worldwide.
1.2.2b Industries - Give examples of industries and the resources needed to operate industries.
1.2.2c Local Economy - Identify examples of goods and services in the home, school, and community.
1.2.3a Goods and Services - Distinguish the difference between goods and services.
1.2.3b Consumers and Producers - Differentiate between consumers and producers.



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