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PowerPoint Basic Show in Office 97


Basic PowerPoint Slide Show - Office 97

If you have a question about using PowerPoint in your classroom please send email to Internet4Classrooms.
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Anyone planning to use PowerPoint in their classroom should read Scoring PowerPoints by Jamie McKenzie.


  1. Task Assignment - This page describes an assignment for your students which uses PowerPoint as a technology integration tool.
  2. Beginning With a New Slide - Assuming nothing, this tutorial begins with the basics; starting with a new blank slide and moving on from there.
  3. Working With Text: Adding, Moving, or Re coloring - Instructions are presented on ways to modify text on a slide.
  4. Inserting an Image Into a Slide - Learn how to put an image (clip art of photograph) into the slide show.
  5. Using Different Slide Views - Several different slide views are available; this tutorial explains the advantages or each.
  6. Animating Text - Use this tutorial to learn how to make your text appear on the slide one line at a time.
  7. Creating Transitions Between Slides - Transitions determine how a slide disappears from the screen or how the next slide appears onto the screen.
  8. Slide Show Options - This tutorial covers using the slide sorter and rehearsing timing of your show.
  9. Keyboard Shortcuts to Use With Your Slide Show - Turn your slide show black, or white, move forward or backward and perform other function with your keyboard.
  10. Ideas for Using PowerPoint in a Classroom - Ideas about using PowerPoint have been sent by visitors to Internet4Classrooms. We encourage you to send us your ideas also.

Interactive: PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2007 command reference guide

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