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Using different slide views


Using different slide views

Five different views are available for a slide show

  • Slide View - in which only the current slide is seen
  • Outline View - in which a text outline of the presentation is seen
  • Slide Sorter View - in which thumbnail images of each slide in the presentation are seen
  • Notes Page View - in which a small image of the slide is accompanied by a notes section
  • Slide Show - in which a full sized version of each slide is seen on the full computer screen

This panel of buttons at the bottom of the window allows selection of the views

Slide View

You must be working in Slide View to edit text, images, or colors on the slide.

Outline View

In outline view you can quickly scan the entire presentation, edit text, but not the color of text, or do a spell check. You could also print the outline view to keep for speaker's notes as you present your show.

Slide Sorter View

This is one of the most useful views. From this view you can:

  • Click and drag to move a slide to a new position in the presentation
  • Copy a slide and Paste a duplicate into the presentation
  • Set a Transition for each individual slide or for the entire presentation
  • Choose the method of Building text
  • Get an overview of what the entire presentation will look like

Notes Page View

This view suggests two principal uses:

  • Print a set of these for use as speaker's notes. In each notes section below the slide image you might record important points you want to be sure your audience knows about before going to the next slide. Do not try to say everything you want to say on the slide.
  • Leave the notes area blank and print a set of these for each person in your audience. Encourage them to make notes regarding the slide.
  • If you have other uses to suggest, please send me Email . To see uses others have suggested, click here .

Slide Show

Clicking this button will begin the slide show.
You may also begin the show by selecting Slide Show from the View menu or by selecting View Show from the Slide Show menu.

Before you present the slide show for the first time you should go to the Slide Show menu and select Set Up Show.

Here is where you find the command to Loop continuously until 'Esc' which will allow your presentation to scroll over and over as students enter your media center.


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