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Word Processing
Microsoft Works 4.0 (Macintosh)

Using the Tool Palette

Click on a button to find out what the button will do.

Select an object to move, change or edit the object

Displays a list of OLE objects available

If you have created an object with one of the tools on the palette, the select tool button must be highlighted in order to change anything about the object. With this button selected move the cursor over the object. The I-beam cursor will change to an arrow cursor. At that point you can move or edit the object. To move, click anywhere

Creates a Works spreadsheet in the document

Creates a table of rows and columns

Creates one or more story frames that you can link and fill with text or graphics

Creates a paint object, and activates other paint tools for use in painting objects

Draws a text box for typing text

Draws a line

Draws a rectangle or square

Draws a rectangle or square with rounded corners

Draws an arc or wedge

Draws an oval or circle

Draws a polygon

Freehand tool, draws as if with a pencil

Draws a shape from a palette of pre-drawn shapes

Paints with a brushstroke

Simulates the effect of spray painting

Draws freehand in a paint object

Eraser, removes painted regions

Fills a region with the selected color

Selects part of an existing paint object

Fill pattern tool - click and hold to display choices

Line pattern tool - click and hold to display choices

Line width tool - click and hold to display choices

Arrow tool - adds an arrowhead to a line

Overlay object - changes the way two objects look when one is drawn on top of another

Color tool - white represents background, black represents foreground, click and hold to display choices

Select a color from any object on the screen, click to load the color.

Choose what you want to do next.

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