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2nd Grade - Writing Standards

2nd Grade Writing Standards

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0201.3.1 Purpose - Write to describe, entertain, and inform.


Various Styles - Write in response to literature (e.g., create a new ending to a story, create class books, summarize a story), compose a variety of written works (e.g., friendly letters, journal entries, reports, experience stories) and begin to compose narratives (with a beginning, middle, and end).


Brainstorm Ideas - Brainstorm ideas with teachers and peers, use graphic organizers (e.g., webs, charts, Venn diagrams) independently and/or in group, and use a variety of resources to gather information.


Classroom Resources - Utilize classroom resources to support the writing process (e.g., word walls, picture dictionaries).


First Drafts - Compose first drafts using the appropriate parts of the writing process with an emphasis on planning and self correcting.

Temporary Spelling - Use temporary/creative spelling to spell independently while beginning to transition to standard spelling.

0201.3.7 Sequential Order - Arrange events in a logical and sequential order when writing.
0201.3.8 Descriptive Words - Continue to add descriptive words and details to writing.
0201.3.9 Write Clearly - Create legible documents for reading by forming legible lower case letters utilizing correct spacing and by writing from left to write and top to bottom.
0201.3.10 Evaluate - Evaluate own and others' writing through small group discussion and shared work.
0201.3.11 Use Suggestions - Incorporate suggestions from teachers and peers.
0201.3.12 Rubric - Use a simple rubric to evaluate writing.
0201.3.13 Illustrations - Incorporate photographs or illustrations in written work.



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