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7th Grade - Physical Science Topics

7th Grade Science Standards - Physical Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0707.11.1 Types of Simple Machines - Compare the six types of simple machines
0707.11.2 Force and Work - Compete an investigation to determine how machines reduce the amount of force needed to do work
0707.11.3 Speed or Velocity - Summarize the difference between the speed and velocity based on the distance and amount of time traveled
0707.11.4 Net Force - Recognize how a net force impacts an object's motion
0707.11.5 Waves - Create a graphic organizer to illustrate and describe the basic parts of a wave
0707.11.6 Wave Propagation - Compare how transverse and longitudinal waves are produced and transmitted

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0707.11.1 Simple Machines - Differentiate between the six simple machines
SPI 0707.11.2 Force - Determine the amount of force needed to do work using different simple machines
SPI 0707.11.3 Speed and Velocity - Apply proper equations to solve basic problems pertaining to distance, time, speed, and velocity
SPI 0707.11.4 Newton's Laws - Identify and explain how Newton's laws of motion relate to the movement of objects
SPI 0707.11.5 Wave Parts - Compare and contrast the different parts of a wave
SPI 0707.11.6 Wave Production - Differentiate between transverse and longitudinal waves in terms of how they are produced and transmitted



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