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Kindergarten - Number & Operations

Kindergarten Number and Operations

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To work on kindergarten Number and Operations standards, click on the numbers below to visit pages with internet resources for each of the learning standards listed.


Count to 25 - Count objects to 25 using one-to-one correspondence and identify the quantity in the counted group.


Match - Match quantities to 25 with numerals and written words.


Count Backward - Count backward from 10 to 1.


Count by Two - Count to 20 by twos.


Make a Set - Create a set with a given number of objects.

Objects in a Set - Quickly recognize the number of objects in a small set.

0106.2.7 Zero - Recognize zero (0) as a set with no objects.
0006.2.8 Compare Sets - Compare sets of ten or fewer objects and identify which are equal to, more than, or less than others.
0006.2.9 Order Numbers - Order the numbers through 25 using numerals and words.
0006.2.10 Model Numbers - Recognize 6 through 10 as five and some ones.
0006.2.11 Ordinals - Recognize and use ordinal numbers (e.g., first, fourth, last).
0006.2.12 Joining and Separating - Model simple joining and separating situations with objects.
0006.2.13 Add and Subtract - Add and subtract single-digit numbers whose total or difference is between 0 and 10.
0006.2.14 Addition Problems - Understand add as put together or count on and solve addition problems with sums less than 20.
0006.2.15 Subtraction Problems - Understand subtraction as break apart or take away and solve subtraction problems using numbers 1 through 10.
0006.2.16 Story Problems - Model, demonstrate, and solve story problems that illustrate addition and subtraction.
0006.2.17 Grouping - Understand that numbers can be represented by different groupings.



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