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2nd Grade - Vocabulary Growth

2nd Grade Language - Vocabulary Growth 0201.1.9

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Show evidence of expanding language through vocabulary growth. 0201.1.9

Abbreviations Recognize common abbreviations.


Build vocabulary by reading, listening to, and discussing a variety of literature.

Prefixes and Suffixes

Add prefixes (e.g., re-, dis-), suffixes (e.g., -ly, -y), and endings to base words to make new words (e.g., -ed, -ing, -es).


Identify simple multi-meaning words based on the appropriate meaning for the context.

Word Families

Use word families and word walls.
Compound Words

Recognize and identify compound words, synonyms, and antonyms.

Positional Words Identify positional words.
Context Identify simple multi-meaning words in context (e.g., fly, pop, bat).



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