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PowerPoint Advanced Topics


PowerPoint Advanced Tutorials

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Anyone planning to use PowerPoint in their classroom should read Scoring PowerPoints by Jamie McKenzie.


  1. Using Action Buttons in a PowerPoint Show - Action buttons allow you to move around in the slide show visiting slides in any order you choose.
  2. Formatting Action buttons to Change Their Look or Their Action - Once you learn to use Action Buttons, this tutorial shows how to change the way they look or perform.
  3. Using Invisible Action Buttons in a PowerPoint Show - Action Buttons can be made invisible so they don't show up on the slide, but they can still perform their function.
  4. Using MS Equation to Write Mathematical or Scientific Equations (Note: These directions are specific to MS Word, but MS Equation works exactly the same in PowerPoint) Use Equation to type most math symbols into your slide show.
  5. Using Sound in a PowerPoint Show - Did you put music in your show and then discover that it stops when you leave slide one? This tutorial will help you see how to control how long the music plays.
  6. Using PowerPoint to animate an Excel Chart: Office 2003, Office 2000, Macintosh X Here are suggestions on how to make a simple chart in Excel and then use PowerPoint to display the elements of the chart one at a time.
  7. Type On a Slide During a Presentation - create blanks for students to fill in during the slide show
  8. Inserting Images with a PowerPoint Album - No matter how large your pictures are, putting them into a photo album allows you to insert all of the pictures into PowerPoint slides and fits them to the size of the slide.
  9. Pictures to use in PowerPoint Projects - links to subject related pictures to use in PowerPoint shows
  10. Advanced uses of PowerPoint - download a slide show which demonstrates several advanced uses including re coloring, un grouping, and using buttons

Interactive: PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2007 command reference guide

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