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PowerPoint Addition Slide Show


Making an Addition Slide Show

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Anyone planning to use PowerPoint in their classroom should read Scoring PowerPoints by Jamie McKenzie.


  1. Teaching the Skill of Adding Two One-digit Numbers Without Regrouping - This tutorial will show how one slide is created and how that slide could be used as a template to produce other slides.
  2. Inserting and Editing a Text Box - This tutorial is about sing text boxes to produce elements to be placed on a slide.
  3. Drawing a Rectangle and Changing the Fill Color - Colored rectangles are another element that needs to be made for use in this addition slide show.
  4. Inserting and Resizing Clip Art - Learn how to insert and resize clip art with this tutorial.
  5. Copying and Pasting Clip Art Images - Use this tutorial to see how to copy and paste clip art images.
  6. Copying and Pasting Slides in the Slide Sorter View - This tutorial shows how to use the slide sorter for more than just changing slide order.
  7. Grouping Screen Elements - Learn how to group screen elements so they stay together on a slide.
  8. Animating Screen Elements - This tutorial shows how to add animation to elements that you made earlier in the show.
  9. Handouts to be Used to Support Teaching of Teaching This Set of Tutorials - If you are planning to teach others how to make this show you could print this page to use as a handout.
  10. This five slide show is available for downloading. Click here to download the addition without regrouping show.

Interactive: PowerPoint 2003 to PowerPoint 2007 command reference guide

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