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Excel Advanced Chart and Graph Tutorials


Advanced Excel Topics - Charts and Graphs

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  1. Analyzing Classroom Data - a simple survey - This is a tutorial on how to calculate percentages and sums using survey data.
  2. Chart Modifications: Index - This is an index of three modules showing ways to make changes to charts; each module is progressively more detailed.
  3. Chart Modifications: Part 1 - Make a quick chart with the F11 key and then add a title and name the x-axis and y-axis
  4. Chart Modifications: Part 2 - Change a basic chart to a pictograph and insert a picture as a background.
  5. Chart Modifications: Part 3 - Change the width of gaps between columns and turn a column chart into a pie graph.
  6. Create a Chart or Graph - This module presents suggestions on using the chart wizard.
  7. Create a chart using pictures for the bars or columns - Use this module to learn how to turn a chart into a pictogram.
  8. Make a Scatter Plot with Excel - You can use Excel to display ordered pairs and then show a line of best fit.
  9. Using a Radar chart to analyze data - Sometimes when you can't see the forest for the trees, this type of graph gives you a good overview.
  10. Using PowerPoint to animate an Excel Chart [Office 2003] - Make a simple chart and then use PowerPoint to display the elements of the chart one at a time. Office 2000 instructions

Interactive: Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 command reference guide

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