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Analyze Results of a Simple Survey


Using Excel to analyze the results of a simple survey

Scenario: A class of 24 students was surveyed to determine their favorite ice cream flavor. The following results were obtained:


6 students


5 students


4 students


3 students

Chocolate Ripple

2 students

Butter Pecan

2 students

Neapo litan

1 student

Black Cherry

1 student

A spreadsheet will be used to find

  1. the total number of students in the survey
  2. the percentage of preference for each flavor
  3. a graph or chart to display the results in a graphical format

Step1. Open a new Excel Worksheet.

Step 2. Data entry:

  1. Enter "Ice Cream Survey" in cell A1
  2. Enter "Flavor" in cell A2
  3. Enter "Number" in cell B2
  4. Enter the flavor names in cells A3 to A10
  5. Enter the corresponding number in cells B3 to B10
  6. Enter "Total" in cell A11

Step 3. Put your cursor over cell B11 and click to select the cell. You are going to ask Excel to find the total of the column of numbers you typed in cells B3 to B10.

Step 4. Be sure that cell B11 is selected, then click on the autosum button. It is the Greek letter sigma, and looks like the letter M lying on its side.

Step 5. Excel will select the set of numbers above the equation which you just entered. If the numbers from B3 to B10 are highlighted accept the equation by pressing the Enter/Return key. The equation entered by Excel should be =SUM(B3:B10).

The number 24 should be displayed in cell B11 after you press the Enter/Return key.

To continue with this activity, read how to make a chart from a set of simple data like this ice cream survey.

Examples of Excel Spreadsheets
Note: When downloading any of the spreadsheets below, save the file to your computer then open the file with Excel.
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