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Beyond the Basics

Use this module to expand your ability to use PowerPoint in your classroom. If you need to review at any point, go back to the introductory PowerPoint module. This page will serve as an index as you work through several modules.
Several of the modules refer to a specific PowerPoint slide show. Before beginning to work on the modules, download a copy of the addition show to refer to.

Animating a Chart

Using Action Buttons in a PowerPoint Show

Create a Word document and turn it into a PowerPoint show

Inserting and editing a Text Box

Drawing a rectangle and changing the Fill Color

Inserting and resizing Clip Art

Copying and pasting Clip Art images

Copying and pasting slides in the Slide Sorter view

Animating Screen Elements

If you are using this module for self paced instruction, print the log sheet to record your progress.

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