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Designing a Web Page

An introduction to the basics for putting together a web page using Claris HomePage. Included is a list of links to graphics, HTML assistance and
Java script help. This tutorial will help you recognize and use the buttons and menu items effectively.

How to Make an Image Map (Advanced)


A single image can be modified so that various parts of the image act as links to different web sites. Following the instructions, an image is provided
and a task to be completed. You are to make one image act as links to four Internet locations. This page also includes a link to a QuickTime
movie showing the steps to follow in making an image map.


How to use Page Source information (Advanced)


As you search the Internet you will find things that will cause a flash of insight. "That's what I want to do!" When you discover something
that was done particularly well that you want to adapt, Internet browsers provide an easy way to see how it was done. Grab the page
source and put it in Claris HomePage. This tutorial gives step by step instructions for doing that.


Using Anchors on your web page (Advanced)


An anchor is a target to a specific location on a web page. The anchor allows an link to be created to that location. For example a common
use of this type of link is to allow you to jump directly to the top of the page from any location on the page. This tutorial teaches how to
place anchors and how to make links to them.


Using Images on your web page (Advanced)


This tutorial covers resizing an image, making an image transparent, making an image act as a link and a short description of how to
make an image map. Included on this page is a QuickTime movie to illustrate making an image transparent.


Using Tables on your web page (Advanced)


This is a short description of some creative ways of using tables to change the look of your web page.



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