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6th Grade - Physical Science Topics

6th Grade Science Standards - Physical Science

Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0607.10.1 Kinetic and Potential - Compare potential and kinetic energy
0607.10.2 Potential - Create a poster that illustrates different forms of potential energy
0607.10.3 Demonstrate Transformation - Design a model that demonstrates a specific energy transformation
0607.10.4 Conservation of Energy - Explain why a variety of energy transformations illustrate the Law of Conservation of Energy
0607.12.1 Simple Circuit - Prepare a poster that illustrates how electricity passes though a simple circuit to produce heat, light, or sound
0607.12.2 Conductivity - Determine a material's electrical conductivity by testing it with a simple battery/bulb circuit
0607.12.3 Insulation - Compare and contrast the characteristics of objects and materials that conduct electricity with those that are electrical insulators

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0607.10.1 Types of Energy - Distinguish among gravitational potential energy, elastic potential energy, and chemical potential energy
SPI 0607.10.2 Potential and Kinetic - Interpret the relationship between potential and kinetic energy
SPI 0607.10.3 Energy Transformation - Recognize that energy can be transformed from one type to another
SPI 0607.10.4 Law of Conservation - Explain the Law of Conservation of Energy using data from a variety of energy transformations
SPI 0607.12.1 Simple Circuits - Identify how simple circuits are associated with the transfer of electrical energy when heat, light, sound, and chemical changes are produced
SPI 0607.12.2 Conduct Electricity - Identify materials that can conduct electricity



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