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Materials that Conduct Electricity

Identify materials that can conduct electricity SPI 0607.12.2

Links verified 8/1/2014

  1. 5 smart materials, from inks that conduct electricity to acrylic that diffuses lights - Smart materials will allow us to make some very cool things.
  2. Conduction: Insulators, Conductors, Semiconductors, and Superconductors - this PBS site has a large list of links about electricity at the left of the page
  3. Conductors and Insulators - [designed for high school] After reading this section you will be able to do the following: Contrast the characteristics of conductors and insulators; List examples of common conductors and insulators; and Explain how insulators provide protection from electricity
  4. Electricity: Simple Circuits - In this site you will be able to: light a light bulb, make your own battery, and discover which types of objects conduct electricity. A lesson plan can be found at this site
  5. Electronics Projects for People Wanting to Learn - Make a Simple Circuit and test materials.
  6. New plastics can conduct electricity - By placing a thin film of metal onto a plastic sheet and mixing it into the polymer surface with an ion beam, Australian researchers have shown that the method can be used to make cheap, strong, flexible and conductive plastic films.
  7. Plastic Made to Conduct Electricity - a report from Science Daily News
  8. What Materials Conduct Static Electricity Best?- Lesson Plan.

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