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8th Grade - Media Standards

8th Grade English Language Arts - Media Standards

To work on eighth grade Media standards, click on the numbers below to visit pages of internet resources for each of the learning standards.

Checks for Understanding are at the top of this page. Scroll down to find internet resources related to the State Performance Indicators (SPIs).

Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0801.6.1 Purpose - Interpret how the sounds, images, and words used in television, radio, film, and the Internet are used to support the purpose of the production, and evaluate the effectiveness of the techniques.
0801.6.2 Visual and Verbal - Identify, analyze, and discuss the relationship between the visual (e.g., media images, painting, film, graphic arts) and the verbal in more challenging media and explain how the elements support or conflict with each other.
0801.6.3 Design Elements - Identify visual and sound techniques and design elements (e.g., special effects, camera angles, lighting, and music in television or film or layout, pictures, and typeface in newspapers, magazines, and print advertisements) in various media, and explain how they carry or influence messages.
0801.6.4 Visual Message - Present a clearly identifiable, explicit message, using visual, audio, and graphic effects and interactive features.
0801.6.5 Audience - Demonstrate awareness of audience needs through choice of medium and through images, words, and sounds.
0801.6.6 Audience Reaction - Consider the potential audience reaction (e.g., being aware of verbal and nonverbal cues given by the audience during a presentation) to improve media productions.

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0801.6.1 Appropriate Medium - Choose the most appropriate medium for a prescribed purpose and audience.
SPI 0801.6.2 Visual Image - Select a visual image that best reinforces a viewpoint or enhances a presentation.
SPI 0801.6.3 Identify Purpose - Identify the purpose of a medium (i.e., to inform, to persuade, to entertain).
SPI 0801.6.4 Inference - Draw an inference from a non-print medium.
SPI 0801.6.5 Summarize Message - Choose the statement that best summarizes/communicates the message presented by a medium.
SPI 0801.6.6 Type of Conflict - Select the type of conflict (e.g., person vs. person, person vs. self, person vs. environment, person vs. technology) represented in a non-print medium.
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