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7th Grade - Mathematical Processes

7th Grade Math Standards - Mathematical Processes

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)


Abbreviations - Recognize common abbreviations (such as gcd/gcf and lcm).

0706.1.2 Rounding - Recognize round-off error and the inaccuracies it introduces.
0706.1.3 Estimation - Check answers both by estimation and by appropriate independent calculations, using calculators or computers judiciously.
0706.1.4 Inverse - Recognize quantities that are inversely proportional (such as the relationship between the lengths of the base and the side of a rectangle with fixed area).
0706.1.5 Direct - Understand that a linear function in which f(0) = 0 is called a directly proportional relationship.
0706.1.6 Intercept - Develop meaning of intercept and rate of change in contextual problems.
0706.1.7 Scale - Explain and demonstrate how scale in maps and drawings shows relative size and distance.
0706.1.8 Scale Factor - Recognize the applications of scale factor by exploring blueprints, shadow measuring, and scale models.
0706.1.9 Books/Stories - Use age-appropriate books, stories, and videos to convey ideas of mathematics.
0706.1.10 Manipulatives - Model algebraic equations with manipulatives, technology, and pencil and paper.
0706.1.11 Notation - Translate from calculator notation to scientific/standard notation.
0706.1.12 Software - Use dynamic geometry software to explore scale factor and similarity.

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0706.1.1 Reasoning - Use proportional reasoning to solve mixture/concentration problems.
SPI 0706.1.2 Patterns - Generalize a variety of patterns to a symbolic rule from tables, graphs, or words.
SPI 0706.1.3 Relationships - Recognize whether information given in a table, graph, or formula suggests a directly proportional, linear, inversely proportional, or other nonlinear relationship.
SPI 0706.1.4 Maps - Use scales to read maps.



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