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2nd Grade - Math Processes

2nd Grade Mathematical Processes

Links checked 12/28/2015

To work on second grade mathematical standards, click on the numbers below to visit pages with plenty of internet resources for each of the learning standards on the right.


Time - Read and write time up to five-minute intervals.


Calendar- Relate days, dates, weeks, months, and years to a calendar.


Estimate Time - Use strategies to make estimates of time.


Elapsed Time - Solve problems involving elapsed time in hour and half-hour intervals.


Count Coins - Count the value of a set of coins up to one dollar and use the transitive property of equality to recognize equivalent forms of values up to $1.00.

Thermometer - Read thermometers with Fahrenheit and Celsius scales.

0206.1.7 Weight - Measure weight to the nearest pound or kilogram.
0206.1.8 Model Fractions - Use concrete models or pictures to show whether a fraction is less than a half, more than a half, or equal to a half.
0206.1.9 Represent Fractions - Match the spoken, written, concrete, and pictorial representations of halves, thirds, and fourths.
0206.1.10 Story Problems - Develop a story problem that illustrates a given addition or subtraction number sentence.
0206.1.11 Manipulatives - Use manipulatives to demonstrate addition and subtraction sentences written symbolically.
0206.1.12 Write Numbers - Write numbers and translate word clues to number sentences and vice versa.
0206.1.13 Transformations - Use manipulatives such as pattern blocks, tangrams, etc. to explore geometric concepts of symmetry and transformations.
0206.1.14 Patterns - Create and observe numerical patterns on a calculator by repeatedly adding or subtracting the same number from some starting number.
0206.1.15 Books, Stories - Use age-appropriate books, stories, and videos to convey ideas of mathematics.



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