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2nd Grade - Literature Standards

2nd Grade Literature Standards

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0201.8.1 Read - Read fables, folk tales, fairy tales, poetry, nonfiction, short stories, and chapter books.


Parts of a Book - Identify parts of a book (e.g., front cover and back cover, table of contents, index, glossary, title page, author, illustrator).


Real or Make Believe - Distinguish between fiction and nonfiction and fantasy and reality.


Preview Words - Preview words necessary for understanding a reading selection.
0201.8.5 Graphic Organizers - Participate in the creation of graphic organizers (KWL charts, diagrams).
0201.8.6 Derive Meaning - Derive meaning while reading by employing the following strategies: ask questions, participate in discussions, predicting what will happen next, creating mental images, using illustrations to gain meaning, answering the Five W + H questions, and relate knowledge from personal experience.
0201.8.7 Shared Reading - Participate in shared reading and small group guided reading.
0201.8.8 Simple Texts - Read simple text containing familiar letter-sound correspondence and high frequency words.
0201.8.9 Read Orally - Read orally with fluency and accuracy, using appropriate pacing and expression.
0201.8.10 Story Elements - Identify the characters, plot, and setting of a story.



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