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4th Grade - Life Science Topics

4th Grade Science Standards - Life Science

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Checks for Understanding (Formative/Summative Assessment)

0407.1.1 Plant and Animal Cells - Use illustrations or direct observations to compare and contrast the basic structures of plant and animal cells.
0407.1.2 Model of Cell - Create a basic model of the cell that illustrates different cell structures and describes their functions.
0407.2.1 Ecosystem - Analyze how an increase or decrease in competition or predation affects an ecosystem.
0407.2.2 Interdependency - Design a simple experiment to illustrate the effects of competition, predation, and interdependency among living things.
0407.3.1 Food Web - Create a food web that illustrates the energy relationships between plants and animals and the key issues or assumptions found in the model.
0407.3.2 Classify - Classify organisms as carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores.
0407.3.3 Energy Needs - Identify how a variety of organisms meet their energy needs.
0407.4.1 Survival - Design a simple demonstration that illustrates the relationship between reproduction and survival of a species.
0407.4.2 Life Cycle - Study the life cycles of a variety of organisms and determine whether these processes illustrate complete or incomplete metamorphosis.
0407.5.1 Physical Adaptations - Classify animals according to their physical adaptations for obtaining food, oxygen, and surviving within a particular environment.
0407.5.2 Behavior - Describe how animal behaviors such as migration, defense, means of locomotion, and hibernation enable them to survive in an environment.
0407.5.3 Tropisms - Investigate tropisms that plants exhibit in response to changes in their environment
0407.5.4 Fossil - Gather fossil information to draw conclusions about organisms that exist today
0407.5.5 Extinction - Analyze the common causes of extinction and explain how human actions sometimes result in the extinction of a species

State Performance Indicators

SPI 0407.1.1 Basic Structures - Compare basic structures of plant and animal cells.
SPI 0407.2.1 Predation and Competition - Recognize the impact of predation and competition on an ecosystem.
SPI 0407.3.1 Energy Pyramid - Determine how different organisms function within an environment in terms of their location on an energy pyramid
SPI 0407.4.1 Reproduction - Draw conclusions about the relationship between reproduction and the survival of a species.
SPI 0407.4.2 Metamorphosis - Distinguish between complete and incomplete metamorphosis.
SPI 0407.5.1 Chance of Survival - Determine how a physical or behavioral adaptation can enhance the chances of survival.
SPI 0407.5.2 Extinct - Infer the possible reasons why a species became endangered or extinct.



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