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Distinguish between complete and incomplete metamorphosis SPI 0407.4.2

Links verified 10/25/2010

  1. A PowerPoint show related to this standardAnimal Growth and Heredity - a Sunken Millions game for review
  2. Beneficials in the Garden - insect metamorphosis [images are missing but the text is still there]
  3. Classify This! - You are challenged to classify groups of animals, finally arriving at a distinction between complete and incomplete metamorphosis. Following the interactive classification you will take a quiz. This site is interactive and allows students to play a game or input or collect data
  4. A PowerPoint show related to this standardComplete and Incomplete Metamorphosis - a PowerPoint slide show with 26 slides
  5. Diagram of Complete Metamorphosis
  6. Diagram of Incomplete Metamorphosis
  7. A PowerPoint show related to this standardDragonfly Lake - a PowerPoint game with slides to print to make a game board
  8. Insect Growth and metamorphosis - this page includes sample life cycle diagrams of each [this expired page is from the Internet Archive known as the Wayback Machine]
  9. Insect Metamorphosis - discussion of each type is followed by insect web sites to visit for the purpose of determining which type of metamorphosis that insect undergoes
  10. Insect Metamorphosis Activity - examine moths and butterflies and complete a Venn diagram
  11. A PowerPoint show related to this standardInsects: Inside and Out - the end of this slide show discuses metamorphosis
  12. Life as a Bug - description of complete and incomplete metamorphosis
  13. Stages of Butterfly Metamorphosis - from the Science Explorations section of Scholastic.com

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