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Gather Fossil Information


Gather fossil information to draw conclusions about organisms that exist today 0407.5.4

Links verified 10/25/2010

  1. Age of Fossils
  2. The Clock Of Eras - a graphic aid to help visualize geologic time
  3. Determining Age of Rocks and Fossils - from UCMP Berkeley
  4. Fossils, Rocks, and Time - from USGS
  5. Fossils Through Time - choose a time period to see what life was like
  6. Geology of the Grand Canyon - The ultimate display of rock layers
  7. Prehistoric Life - determining the age of rocks and fossils
  8. Principal of Uniformitarianism - states that the processes affecting Earth today are the same ones that affected it in the past.
  9. Principle of Superposition - in a sequence of undisturbed sedimentary layers or lava flows, the oldest layers are at the bottom. (includes an animation) A video is available through this link
  10. Relative Age - determining relative age from the rock record
  11. Relative Dating - stratigraphy and the principles of relative dating
  12. Relative Time Scale - from USGS
  13. A resource for the teacher to use in planning their lessonsWho's On First? - a relative dating activity A lesson plan can be found at this site

A resource for the teacher to use in planning their lessons site for teachers | A PowerPoint show related to this standard PowerPoint show | An Adobe Acrobat document in .pdf format Acrobat document | A Microsoft Word document to be downloaded Word document | This interactive site would work well on an interactive whiteboard whiteboard resource | This resource includes voice instructions for students sound | A video is available through this link video format | This site is interactive and allows students to play a game or input or collect data interactive lesson | This site includes questions for your students to check their understanding a quiz | A lesson plan can be found at this site lesson plan | This link includes something for the teacher to print to print

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