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Kindergarten Language Standards

Kindergarten Language Standards

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0001.1.1 End Punctuation - Recognize end punctuation marks for statements (period), questions (question mark), and emotions (exclamation mark).


Capitalization - Recognize capitalization at the beginning of sentences.


Proper Nouns - Capitalize proper nouns (names and places).


Spell Own Name - Spell and own first and last name.


Spell - Attempt to spell simple words using pre-to-early phonetic knowledge, sounds of the alphabet, and knowledge of letter names.
0001.1.6 Read - Read high frequency words (e.g., the, and, can, color words, number words).
0001.1.7 Symbols - Recognize nonlinguistic representations of words (e.g., picture dictionary, room labels, common symbols such as stop signs).
0001.1.8 Context - Use context clues to identify vocabulary in text.
0001.1.9 Alphabetical - Arrange words in alphabetical order.
0001.1.10 Vocabulary - Build vocabulary by reading, listening to, and discussing a variety of literature.
0001.1.11 Phoneme - Maintain phonemic awareness.
0001.1.12 Decoding Words - Apply phonics generalizations in order to decode words.



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