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History Topics - Fifth 5th Grade Social Studies

5th Grade Social Studies Standards - History

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5.5.1 Pre-Civil War - Interpret sectional differences in the North and South in pre-Civil War (i.e., a map of Union, Confederate, and border-states; pictorial representations of crop production; reading timelines; and interpreting bar graphs showing human, natural, and man-made resources).
5.5.2 Leaders - Recognize military and nonmilitary leaders from the North and South during Civil War (i.e., Frederick Douglass, Clara Barton, Chief Justice Roger Taney, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis).
5.5.3 Timelines - Interpret timelines that depict major historical post-Civil War events.
5.5.4 Worker's Rights - Recognize the rights that workers fought for in the late 1800's (i.e., wages, hours, insurance, and working conditions).
5.5.5 World War II - Interpret a visual contrasting life before and after World War II (i.e., education, family size,transportation, urbanization, and the role of women).
5.5.6 Hardships - Determine the hardships encountered by Greater Plain settlers in the late 1800's (i.e., building materials, natural geography, climatic conditions, isolated communities, and lack of revenue).
5.5.7 Primary Source - Interpret a primary reading sample.
5.5.8 Civil Rights - Recognize examples of how the United States confronted Civil Rights issues (i.e., Brown vs. Board of Education, Montgomery Bus Boycott, Birmingham Civil Rights March, American Indian Movement [AIM], and the Civil Rights Act of 1964).



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