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Culture Topics - Fourth 4th Grade Social Studies

4th Grade Social Studies Standards - Culture


4.1.1 Native American Groups - Identify pre-Colonial Native American groups (i.e., Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Aztec, Mayans, Olmec, and Mississippi Mound Builders).
4.1.2 17th Century - Identify cultural groups who inhabited North America in the 17th century (i.e., Puritans, Quakers, Spanish, and French).
4.1.3 Resolve Conflict - Determine how various groups resolve conflict (i.e., school, tribal councils, and courts).
4.1.4 Effect of Contact - Examine how Native American culture changed as a result of contact with European cultures (i.e., decreased population, spread of disease, increased conflict, loss of territory, and increase of trade.)
4.1.5 Racial and Ethnic Groups - Identify various racial and ethnic groups in Tennessee at the founding of statehood (i.e., Cherokee, Creek, Shawnee, English, Scottish, French, and American born pioneers).
4.1.6 American-Spanish Mission - Read and interpret facts from a historical passage about an early American-Spanish mission.



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