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Pre-Colonial Native American groups


Identify pre-Colonial Native American groups (i.e., Cherokee, Creek, Chickasaw, Aztec, Mayans, Olmec, and Mississippi Mound Builders). 4.1.1

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  1. American Indians and the Natural World - four different visions of living in and with the natural world (those of the Tlingit of the Northwest Coast, the Hopi of the Southwest, the Iroquois of the Northeast, and the Lakota of the Plains)
  2. Ancient Architects of the Mississippi - Wonders of Geometric Precision, the earthworks of the lower Mississippi were centers of life long before the Europeans arrived in America.
  3. The Ancient Aztecs - a ThinkQuest entry
  4. The Creek Portraits Index - Before the camera was invented, artists were relied on to preserve images
  5. Different Tribes - Compare daily life of Native American tribes from different regions and times. ( Author - Laurie Ayers )
  6. Empires Past: Aztecs - The Aztecs were in many ways more advanced than Cortez and his men
  7. Map of the Eastern Indian Nations (1820) - Cherokee, Choctaw,Creek, and Seminole are illustrated
  8. Maya/Aztec/Inca of the Lords of the Earth - the Archaeology and Anthropology of the Americas.
  9. The Mayan Calendar - Among their other accomplishments, the ancient Mayas invented a calendar of remarkable accuracy and complexity.
  10. Mound Builders - a general term referring to the American Indians who constructed various styles of earthen mounds for burial, residential and ceremonial purposes
  11. The Sport of Life and Death - the Mesoamerican Ball game (an online journey into the ancient spectacle of athletes and gods)

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