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Culture Topics - First 1st Grade Social Studies

1st Grade Social Studies Standards - Culture

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1.1.1a Define Culture - Recognize that culture is learned behavior that includes customs, beliefs, rules, life ways, language, food, and clothing.
1.1.1b Customs from Culture - Recognize people learn customs from their culture.
1.1.1c Family Culture - Explain the culture of the family and community.
1.1.1d Diverse Languages - Recognize people use diverse languages to communicate with one another.
1.1.2a Multiculturalism - Define multiculturalism.
1.1.2b Culture of a Place - Explain the culture of a place.
1.1.2c Diversity - Describe the importance of diverse beliefs, customs, and traditions of families.
1.1.3a Effect of Culture - Understand individual differences in languages, beliefs, and customs that may be unique to one's culture.
1.1.3b Folk Tales - Retell stories from diversely selected folk tales, myths, and legends.



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