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Using Excel to Analyze Classroom Data


Using Microsoft Excel to Analyze Classroom Data

Before you can accomplish this task, you must be familiar with entering and editing data into a Microsoft Excel Workbook. You must also be able to format data in a cell and use Excel to produce a chart or graph.

- I need help entering data in an Excel worksheet.

- I need help editing and formatting data in an Excel worksheet.

- I need help making a chart in an Excel worksheet.

If you do not need assistance with either of those skills, you are ready to get on with your task.

Your task will be to use Microsoft Excel to produce three documents:

Documents Example

One worksheet showing the results of a simple survey, accompanied by a simple chart

Survey classmates on some favorite: candy, cola, TV show or ice cream.

One worksheet analyzing data from a science experiment

Calculate resting heart rate and determine the effect of exercise

One or more worksheets accompanied by at least one graph analyzing a set of data, and supporting a prediction.

Analyze the distribution of colors in a bag of M&M's and predict colors in an unopened bag

Use the following modules to assist you in creating the three documents outlined in the Task statement. Work through a set of six modules to learn the basics of using Excel

Using Excel to analyze the results of a simple survey

M & M Spreadsheet (Note: This is a spreadsheet to download. Each successive worksheet in this Excel Workbook acts ad a tutorial in constructing your own worksheet.

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