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Language Arts

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A resource for the teacher to use in planning their lessons a site for teachers | A PowerPoint show related to this standard a PowerPoint show | An Adobe Acrobat document in .pdf format Adobe Acrobat document | A Microsoft Word document to be downloaded a Word document | This resource includes voice instructions for students sound | A video is available through this link video format
This site is interactive and allows students to play a game or input or collect data interactive lesson | This site includes questions for your students to check their understanding a quiz | A lesson plan can be found at this site lesson plan | This link includes something for the teacher to print to print

Analogies | Teachers | Professional Resources

  1. American Literary Classics - Links to 35 complete novels (each chapter linked separately).
  2. Bibliographic Style
    1. BibMe - The fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills.
    2. Citation Machine - an interactive Web tool designed to assist teachers in modeling the proper use of information property (Students are welcome to use this as well)
    3. Citation Formats - MLA, APA, ASA
    4. Citing Sources- Guide to Library Research - Documentation Guidelines: Citing Sources Within Your Paper
    5. EasyBib - free automatic bibliography composer
    6. Electronic Style (MLA) - This page will help you correctly list your electronic sources in MLA style
    7. OttoBib - put in the ISBN of your book and it will create your bib information!
    8. Using American Psychological Association (APA) Format from the Online Writing Laboratory (OWL) at Purdue.
    9. Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Format from the Online Writing Laboratory (OWL) at Purdue.
  3. Brain Food - Puzzles For the Brain To Gnaw On. Have a few spare minutes? Try these mind stretchers to come up with words that fit the word box puzzles.
  4. Children's Reading Room - online stories
  5. Comic Creator - ReadWriteThink site. Simple interface. Not a lot of room for creative changes.
  6. Comic Strips - Make up your own comics, using characters, emotions, and more.
  7. Comic Strips - Create your own comics and your own characters also!
  8. Daily Comix Diary - Get students writing and creating their own daily comic strips.
  9. Cyber Guides - [ K-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12 ] supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered units of instruction centered on core works of literature
  10. Digital Storytelling
    1. Digital Storytelling Examples
    2. Digital Storytelling - Understand the concept
    3. Digital Storytelling - Educational usage
    4. The Projects of KQED's Digital Story Initiative - Winning projects from Kodak's many contests.
  11. EDSITEment is a joint project of the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Council of the Great City Schools, MCI WorldCom, and the National Trust for the Humanities. Edsitement brings together the best of the humanities on the web. Check here for lesson plans and links to other humanities web sites.
  12. Fairy Tales - Click on the numbers at the bottom of the page for different fairy tales. Site includes game to complete after reading the stories. Coloring pages are also available in the Download section.
  13. Grammar Exercises online - numerous online quizzes
  14. Guide to Grammar and Writing - Maintained in the memory of Professor of English Charles Darling for English courses at Capital Community College and for the general online public, this site includes quizzes for high school students in all areas of English grammar.
  15. Literacy, Information and Technology in Education
  16. Literacy Web (from the University of Connecticut) - classroom literacy resources for pre-school through adult education
  17. Literature Learning Ladders - a site designed to encourage active reading
  18. Literature Library from Glencoe - alphabetical index to study guides (in .pdf format) to a large number of full-length novels and plays This is an Adobe Acrobat document
  19. Novels; Children's Literature - classified by author
  20. Novel Guides - from Classzone; activities and suggestions for novels.
  21. Novel Guide-Novel Analysis - literary analysis on the web; an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary Literature Profiles, Metaphor Analysis, Theme Analyses, and Author Biographies.
  22. Novels - Teaching Guides - from Harperchildren; Includes "general discussion questions and suggestions for reaching across the curriculum: math, science, language arts, music, and social studies."
  23. Novel Units Online - Novel Guides and Units
  24. Online Literacy News - Northwest Territories Literary Council. The council also offers another newspaper .
  25. Online Story Clips - download these audio stories for your class listening time!
  26. Power Proofreading from Houghton Mifflin - Help! The power has gone out at HME-TV, and proofreaders are needed to fix TV scripts, memos and other writing at the station.
  27. Readers Theater - Readers Theater is a highly motivational strategy that connects oral reading, literature, and drama in the classroom. One place to go for scripts is the Readers Theater K-3 . Others can be found on the main index of Readers Theater.
  28. Reading - Middle School Edition: Content Area Reading - PDF file - Wonderful idea and strategy booklet from the State of TN web site.Many resources to print off and use in your classroom. This is an Adobe Acrobat document
  29. Reading/Literacy Resources for Present and Future Teachers - From alphabetics to comprehension to reading models to professional resources and lesson plans, this site contains literacy links for present and future teachers.
  30. Reading Resources and Activities:
    1. Boosting Reading Achievement through Effective Instruction in Comprehension: Activities - This is an Adobe Acrobat document ; idea booklet
    2. Boosting Reading Achievement through Effective Instruction in Comprehension: Resources - This is an Adobe Acrobat document ; reading resources
  31. Reading Strategies - suggested strategies with blank graphic organizers to print (Caution: Underlined words are not links)
  32. Spark Notes Study Guides - literature, Shakepeare, drama, poetry, and writing
  33. Speech Timer - Do your students need to practice timing their presentations? Central Toastmasters has a Speech Duration timer.


  1. Fact Monster Analogy of the Day
  2. Analogy Quiz which requires students to type the word to complete the analogy
  3. Analogy Lesson from Diana Dell
  4. Analogy quiz 1 at Quia posted by Diana Dell
  5. Analogy quiz 2 at Quia posted by Diana Dell
  6. Discovery School Analogy Quizzes
    1. AnalogyQuiz8
    2. AnalogyQuiz9
    3. AnalogyQuiz10
  7. Puzz.com has a quiz with 152 analogies - pick one or two a day and practice this valuable skill

For Teachers

Reading Assessment Tests

  1. Reading Ability Screening Test - This is a simple, quick yet effective tool to determine the current reading ability level of a child. This is a "screening" tool and yields approximate data.
  2. Schonell Reading Test - Get a reading age for your student. (this Tripod site may be blocked by some school filters)
  3. Reading Competency Test - The National Right to Read Foundation's Reading Competency Test
  4. Free online Reading Assessment -This test will assess your phonics skills and reading comprehension level. The test is applicable for grades 2 through 10 reading levels

Professional Resources

  1. The Compact for Reading Guide is a user-friendly handbook designed to walk your family-school compact team through the steps of building and implementing a Compact for Reading. It provides information, strategies, examples, and checklists to help parents, educators, and community members develop effective, workable compacts that can improve your school, increase family involvement, and increase student skills and achievement in reading.
  2. Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children - Read online for free. The focus of this report is prevention. The report sketches a picture of the conditions under which reading is most likely to develop easily - conditions that include stimulating preschool environments, excellent reading instruction, and the absence of any of a wide array of risk factors.
  3. Starting Out Right (A guide for promoting children's reading success) - Read online for free. Parents want to provide their preschool children with a good start in literacy. A school district tells its teachers to change the way they teach reading. Preschool caregivers want to be sure that the children they care for are ready for school. A mother attending a school meeting hears confusing messages about the best way to teach beginning reading. A corporate executive wants the company to support an after-school tutoring program, but is not sure where to start. This book is for all these people. It is written particularly for parents and others who can influence the education and development of young children, especially policy makers, caregivers, and teachers.
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