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Passover Activities for School or Home


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History of Passover

Passover is the Jewish holiday commemorating the Jews' escape from their enslavement in Egypt. The holiday is marked by a special diet and ceremonial dinners called seders. In Israel, the holiday lasts 7 days. In the rest of the world, most Jews observe the holiday for 8 days. The key responsibility in Passover is to relate the story of the Exodus from Egypt so that the matter of enslavement and the appreciation of freedom is never forgotten.

For a one-page summary about Passover and the Passover story, check out's Passover section.

Learn more about Passover with the following helpful links:

  1. When is Passover? How do you know when Passover falls on the calendar? Here is an online calendar to see Passover dates calculated through 2028.
  2. Jewish Holiday music for children. Celebrate the Holidays with Cindy Paley. You can find the lyrics here.
  3. Visit for all of your favorite passover music activities for children and families, including sheet music! All of your favorites, including Paul Zim, Debbie Friedman and even Passover Reggae music.
  4. Learn how matzo, the ceremonial Passover bread is made. Not more than 18 minutes can pass after the water comes in contact with the flour for it to be Kosher.
  5. Make your own Hagaddah!. This site also has lots of materials and projects to help you plan a meaningful, creative Seder.
  6. Here are some fun Online Passover games for children. and more educational games, including quizzes and puzzles, to learn the facts of Passover.
  7. Did you know that more Jews celebrate Passover than any other holiday? Check out this resource for a one-page (one loooong page) explanation of Passover, complete with the components of the Passover seder.
  8. One of the highlights of the Passover seder is when the youngest child at the table asks ?The 4 Questions.? This is called the Ma Nishtana. Read and listen to the Ma Nishtana here. has special audio classes, which are nicely paced songs to practice the Four Questions, Dayenu and other songs with your younger children.
  9. Check out these great Printable Passover games (coloring pages, word searches and more) and you download a terrific coloring book to keep the kids busy during the seder or to decorate the house for Passover.

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