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This Day in History: January 2

January 2: What Happened on This Day in History (Elementary Level)?

(Page last edited 10/12/2017)

  1. 533 - Mercurius becomes Pope John II, the first pope to adopt a new name upon elevation to the papacy.
  2. 1788 - Georgia becomes the fourth state to ratify the United States Constitution.
  3. 1860 - The discovery of the planet Vulcan is announced at a meeting of the French Academy of Sciences in Paris, France.
  4. 1959 - Luna 1, the first spacecraft to reach the vicinity of the Moon and to orbit the Sun, is launched by the Soviet Union.
  5. 2004 - Stardust successfully flies past Comet Wild 2, collecting samples that are returned to Earth.
  6. Famous Birthdays: Rudolf Clausius (German physicist), Pyotr Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky (Russian geographer and statistician), Lawrence Wackett (Australian engineer), S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan (Indian-American mathematician), Ernst Barlach (German sculptor)

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