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Excel Math and Science Workbook Files


Excel Math and Science Workbooks to Download

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  1. Coordinate plane - 4 Quadrants - This one-sheet workbook had a coordinate plane with nine colored dots. Use an interactive whiteboard and have your students drag the dots to represent an ordered pair that you specify.
  2. Calculating sales tax on a purchase - This worksheet is set to calculate tax on a purchase at the rate of 9.25%. Save this file with a new name to edit it.
  3. Earthquake Project (8.4 MB) - This workbook contains step by step instructions on how to use Excel to import data and then how to change data for proper display. The raw data tab contains 46,741 lines of data.
  4. Fahrenheit to Celsius temperature converter - Enter temperature data into one of the yellow boxes to have Excel convert the temperature for you. Click on a green box to see the equation used for the conversion.
  5. Graph paper - Excel files with small, medium and large grids.
  6. Graph Paper: Tiny Grid - This workbook has three versions of graph paper: small, medium, and large grids.
  7. M & M Spreadsheet - The activity used in this workbook is about collecting data and making predictions from the data collected. The workbook is as progressive set of sheets with instructions on how to set up a similar project.
  8. Physics Crossword Puzzle - Sheet one of this workbook is a Physics crossword puzzle. The other sheets explain how to create a crossword puzzle like this one by inserting comments and using conditional formatting
  9. Pizza Calculator - calculate the price per square inch - Enter the diameter of a pizzas and the cost and this worksheet will calculate how much the pizza cost per square inch. Click on the green square, and then look up into the insert function section, to see the equation used in this calculation.
  10. Quadrille paper - Worksheets in this file have small, medium and large grids; every fifth line is darker.
  11. Review Bingo - This workbook was written by Robert Griffith, an Oak Ridge, TN teacher. Teachers enter short answers in 30 blocks and print 32 bingo cards (4 to a sheet on 8 sheets). Distribute the bingo cards to your class and begin the review. Thanks Robert! Caution: Because of the way that Excel handles dates, you must enclose any dates used in the bingo game in quotation marks! posted on 3/13/06
  12. Trip Calculator - How much will a car trip cost? - Enter the round trip distance, the miles per gallon that your vehicle averages and the average cost of gasoline and the worksheet will calculate the cost of your trip.
  13. Twenty Four Hours of Temperature Data - This workbook includes step by step instructions for finding, importing, and formatting data, and then for making a chart of the data.
  14. What would I weigh on...? - Click on a planet to go to a page where you can enter your weight. The workbook will display how much you would weigh on that planet.

Interactive: Excel 2003 to Excel 2007 command reference guide

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